Burrell Crosshead Guide

Burrell Crosshead Guide

The Burrell crosshead guide or maybe the trunk guide. Must admit that I need to study the history of steam engines and the naming of parts. Anyway, back to this miniature traction engine design and make. The crosshead guide supports the joint on the two-part conrod design. It is the sliding mechanism for the conrod … Read more

Conrod – Single Valve Poppet Engine

cast iron piston and aluminium conrod

My initial thoughts for the conrod for this single valve poppet engine were to make it from mild steel as I could make it thin to make it light, but an aluminium conrod would have a bigger cross-section for a given weight. The conrod, abbreviation of “connecting rod”, connects the piston to the crankshaft. This … Read more

Connecting Rod

conrod roughed out from steel bar

The part in an internal combustion engine that connects the piston to the crankshaft. It changes reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crankshaft or vice versa. A connecting rod consists of a pin-end, a shank section, and a crank-end. Pin-end and crank-end pinholes at the upper and lower ends are machined … Read more

Slider Crank Linkage

stuart turner 10V

The slider crank linkage is common in steam engine design as it removes the side forces from the piston and from the connecting rod that is sealed by the gland as it passes into the cylinder. This schematic shows the without and then with a support for the jointed conrod. There are many different designs … Read more