Forming Copper over MDF

forming copper over MDF

We needed to hide the old radiator pipes and one idea was to make copper covers. As I only needed two covers I didn’t want to spend much time engineering the former. Hence forming copper over MDF. Maybe more accurately into MDF. Changing the radiators in the house left the old 1/4″ pipes poking through … Read more


copper tube

Copper is a orange/reddish coloured metal which is malleable and ductile. It has excellent thermal and electrical conductivities and good corrosion resistance. Pure copper has an electrical conductivity second only to that of silver. Hence its main application is in the electrical industry. Copper is also the basis of many important alloys: brass bronze aluminium … Read more

Copper Boiler Tubes

boiler endplates and tubes

I’ve been looking at how to make the copper boiler tubes. For the vertical boiler I’m using a piece of 15mm household plumbers pipe. For the miniature traction engine I’m working on I wanted a lot more smaller pipes. I was looking around and scratching my head to think of places that I could purchase … Read more

Copper Boiler End Plate

annealing copper

Making a copper boiler end plate with a mild steel pattern and firstly hammering the outer edge over. I made a mild steel pattern for the copper end plates to be formed over. The final boiler is for a small traction engine, but firstly I wanted to trial a small vertical boiler with a single … Read more

Copper Flower

My homemade or home-bodged copper flower. This job started with an old copper kettle and a 2″ diameter piece of mild steel. This shows the 2″ piece of mild steel sat on the bench and waiting to be turned. This was faced, one face domed and a 3/8″ hole machined through the mild. Near to … Read more