Crankshaft Clearance

crankshaft clearance

Crankshaft clearance has been a design concern for a while. The problem being exacerbated by the separate firebox that extends above the line of the boiler. Early in the design I highlighted this issue and thought I would have to reduce the stroke. However, as you can see I’ve raised the bearing blocks 1.5mm and … Read more

Crankshaft from Parts

Burrell crankshaft in parts

Making the Burrell crankshaft from parts has allowed me to then have a split. The split is at the crankpin and allows me to then have a single piece connecting rod. Background Elements Over 12 months ago I was concerned with the crankshaft to firebox clearance. Traction Engine Crankshaft Clearance With this comes the fundamental issue … Read more

Burrell Crankshaft

Burrell Traction Engine

The traction engine is starting to take shape, but the Burrell crankshaft looks like it needs some thinking about. The issue is the clearance between the top of the firebox and the shaft. OK, this is not the correct shaft yet as I haven’t finally reamed the bearings to size (4mm). However, it demonstrates the … Read more

Crankshaft Design Principles

single throw crankshaft

This page lays out some of the crankshaft design principles along with descriptions of the main features. That part of the engine which transmits the reciprocating motion of the pistons to the driven unit in the form of rotary motion. That part to which the connecting rods are attached. In the case of many of … Read more


single throw crankshaft

A crankshaft machined from a solid piece of mild steel. This is quite a daunting thing to machine for the new model engineer and so I have described the steps I’ve taken in making this crankshaft. I often use a permanent marker rather than engineers blue as it is a lot less messy and it … Read more