Types of Electric Motor

electric motor armature

There are a number of different types of electric motor. Also there are a design factors when considering the different types of electric motor: Application Environment Commutation method Duty cycle No-load speed Weight Stall torque Lifetime Load (operating) point Torque ripple Power source Controllability Envelope (volume) Heat dissipation AC Induction Motors These are generally used … Read more

Electric Motor Failure

unimat 3 motor carbon brush dirt

Electric motor failure stems mostly from damaged bearings or stator windings. However, there are a number of other reasons they can fail. The most common failures in order are: bearing failure stator winding failure overheating power supply anomaly humidity contamination unusual mechanical loads Bearing Failure The main reasons for bearing failure are: improper lubrication electrical … Read more

Emco Unimat Motor Failure

unimat 3 motor

The Emco Unimat motor failure for the second time, this one was slightly different in that I switched the motor on and the house earth leak detector tripped. The first time the motor failed it was because the brushes had just worn out. A simple resistance measurement between the earth and neutral shows 50kOhm. This … Read more