CNC Cutting Bits

engraver, end mill and slot drill

I’ve been using milling machines for my hobby of model making for over 40 years, but CNC is new to me and CNC cutting bits are new. The primary first task for the CNC engraver is to machine the brass smokebox door on my miniature traction engine. The CNC engraver in question is a Sain … Read more

Milling Cutters

sieg SX2.7 and Amadeal XJ12-300

As per the title, milling cutters are used in milling machines as the working end of material removal. There are a number of different types of cutter depending on material and the type of application. End Mill A milling cutter that is used mainly to machine on the side of the cutter and so used … Read more

Carbide Roughing Endmill

An afternoon at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition. The event this year, 2016, was rather quieter than last year and did not feel like it had the number of stands or models. I did go fairly late on the Friday afternoon and so maybe that is some of it. I purchased this solid carbide roughing … Read more

TiN End Mill

I needed some new end mills as I managed ot break an 8mm one last week – quite frankly I was being heavy handed and had not tightened up some of the traverses as well as I should have. I went online to one of the regular places that I purchase this sort of tooling … Read more