Model Engine Transistor Ignition

TIM-6 Transistor Ignition

For a while I have been looking around at model engine transistor ignition systems. Wondering what to buy or even just build from a circuit design. The I saw the kit that is available from (this is actually: The ignition systems and parts are actually on their sister site: I bought a … Read more

Sketches to Models to CAD

five cylinder rotary engine

I often work backwards, going from Sketches to Models to CAD. However, it works for me as it allows me to create something in the workshop. Sometimes I think this works really well and I think a good example is the five cylinder rotary engine. The only sketch I have of the engine before making … Read more

Propeller Size

Propeller on 5 cylinder rotary engine

The propeller size should be chosen to match the engine and airframe. However, it may take some trial and error before you get the right propeller for your particular installation. However, the following table may be used as a guideline for two-stroke engines with four-stroke engines in the next table. Propeller Sizes for Two-Stroke Engines … Read more

Fizgig Stirling Engine

fizgig stirling engine

Engine build and author: Dick Barnes Having now reached that moment of retirement and with a fully kitted out workshop, this Fizgig stirling engine looked like an ideal subject to commission the new lathe. Fizgig is a Gamma Stirling engine in which the power piston is not mounted coaxially to its displacer piston. The advantage … Read more

Oscillating Engines

double acting oscillating engine

I thought it would be good to talk about oscillating engines. In particular the oscillating engine I made some time ago. A double acting oscillator with a geared flywheel. The valve on the oscillating engine is very simple. So simple that at first it is difficult to understand how enough steam enters the cylinder. However, … Read more