Horizontal K-Type Engine Configuration

k-type engine rapid prototype

Horizontal K-Type engine configuration proposed and analysed by Rushiraj Kadge. This engine boasts the following benefits: Better balanced (percentage difference between unbalance forces as compared to existing configurations is more than 45%). This means more power can be extracted from Horizontal K configuration. The proposed configuration has least frictional losses. CG height of proposed configuration … Read more


cast iron piston and aluminium conrod

The piston is a cylindrical part which reciprocates in the cylinder bore of an engine and transmits the force of the gas pressure through the connecting rod to the crankshaft. This means the piston needs to seal against the cylinder wall with a low friction and a low wear rate. Articulated Piston Two-piece piston incorporating … Read more

1/3rd Scale Cosworth DFV

Bouland Motors 1/3rd scale cosworth DFV

A 1/3rd Scale Cosworth DFV model engine by Bouland Motors It was December 2015 and Marcel Bouland, scale model engine enthusiast and collector decided to develop a fully working 1:3 scale Cosworth DFV engine. Many people were asking if he wanted to sell one of his scale model engines, the answer was no. So it … Read more

Crankshaft Design Principles

single throw crankshaft

This page lays out some of the crankshaft design principles along with descriptions of the main features. That part of the engine which transmits the reciprocating motion of the pistons to the driven unit in the form of rotary motion. That part to which the connecting rods are attached. In the case of many of … Read more

Crankshaft – Poppet Valve Single


The crankshaft for the poppet valve single cylinder engine has been machined from mild steel and includes timing gear machined directly on the shaft.  This started with a piece of hexagonal mild steel, why hexagonal? Well, I bought a job lot of mild steel on ebay and as it machines so well this is what … Read more

Engine Capacity

Engine Capacity = Swept Volume = Engine Displacement We use all of these terms interchangeably and they all mean the same thing When we calculate the capacity of an engine it is simply the bore, stroke and number of cylinders calculation. The swept volume of a single cylinder is the cylindrical volume = stroke x … Read more