Poppet Valve Single

single cylinder poppet valve engine

The idea was to make a single cylinder 4-stroke and to make it simple with a poppet valve. Not sure my terminology is correct here, what I mean is an actuated exhaust valve and an intake valve that opens under depression in the cylinder. Connecting Rod – a lightweight aluminium conrod. Crank – challenging with … Read more

Connecting Rod

conrod roughed out from steel bar

The part in an internal combustion engine that connects the piston to the crankshaft. It changes reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crankshaft or vice versa. A connecting rod consists of a pin-end, a shank section, and a crank-end. Pin-end and crank-end pinholes at the upper and lower ends are machined … Read more

Transitional Engine Crankcase

engine crankcase for open crank engine

This isn’t much of a crankcase, but that is the best description I can give as it links the cylinder and the main engine frame on my Transitional Engine. The starting point was a 2.5″ diameter round of mild steel. The main billet of steel after it had been bored to accept and locate the … Read more

Internal Combustion Engine Configurations

engine configurations

There are so many different configurations of internal combustion engine that have been developed through the history of engines that I thought I would try and list them in some vague order – based on increasing number of cylinders and complexity:   Single Cylinder – Horizontal The first internal combustion engines were single cylinder designs … Read more

Low Temperature Stirling Engine

low temperature stirling engine

An article around me designing and making a Low Temperature Stirling Engine. This is a stirling engine that operates with at a low temperature difference. As you may have read some time ago on the editorial page I started this as a project after building my new workshop. The basic design is mine and as … Read more