Change Gears and Pitch

change gears on a lathe

When cutting threads on the lathe we need to look at the change gears and pitch. The change gears on the back of the headstock that connect the headstock rotation to the leadscrew rotation along with the leadscrew pitch determine the pitch you will cut. The gears shown here on a Hobbymat MD65. The spindle … Read more

Gear Noise

gear ratio diagram

Gear whine – Generated by meshing gears due to the vibration caused by failure of the rolling action between the mating teeth due to: Minute imperfections in manufacture of Tooth pitch circle (radius and centre) – see Gear Design Tooth involute form – gear profile error results in the generation of gear noise at sub-harmonics … Read more

Gear Design

Fundamentally there are a few different gear designs: Bevel Gear – Conical shaped gears, the angle between the input and output shaft is anything except 0 or 180°. Double Helical Gear – The double helical gear gives a much smoother still operation than the spur or helical gear and reduces the noise levels further. However, … Read more

Gear Cutting with the Hobbymat MD65

Have just been cutting some gears (gears design) and thought it worth taking some photographs and writing up some comments on how to convert the Hobbymat MD65 so that you can cut straight spur gears. The topslide is removed with four caphead bolts. It is rather awkward that there is a pivot post protruding from … Read more