Where is the Glue

where is the glue?

Where is the glue? Perhaps it should be what glue do I need for this to that material. Or even where is the glue in glue-it.com as the keyword is a small feature. There is actually a page on glue-it.com specifically about glues, but it appears under materials. This is not a bad start, but … Read more

Vital Bond

Vital Bond is a thick super glue designed to be use with porous materials such as woods and for gap filling. I tried this on some metal parts where I wanted to ensure the glue covered the whole joint and it went together very well. I put a small amount on the outside surface of … Read more

Truloc Superfit 268

“Truloc Superfit 268 is a single component high viscosity anaerobic adhesive designed for high strength fast curing thread locking and retention of cylindrical parts. It has been designed for applications requiring maximum static strength high dynamic/fatigue resistance and extra large gap filling properties.” Temperature range: -50°C – +150°C Cure time: 1 to 3 hours for … Read more

Evo Stik Wood Glue

evo-stik wood glue

This is a PVA wood glue. This is the glue that you can buy in most DIY shops. This is a good general purpose wood glue that is also great for craft and hobby work. I must admit that if I’m going to glue wood then I reach for a Titebond glue as it gives … Read more

Titebond II

This is the water-resistant version of the original Titebond glue that I reviewed some time ago. What is interesting is that it has been on the shelf and in use alongside the Titebond original and I just cannot tell the difference. Is that a good or a bad sign? Good in that the water resistance … Read more

Gorilla Glue

gorilla glue used to bond file handles

This is not your ordinary glue. Warning labels on the bottle say to be careful and not to get it on skin or clothes. According to the information this will glue: stone, metal, ceramics, glass, wood, foam and more. Probably need to think also about what you use it on as it also states that … Read more

Deluxe Materials Roket Rapid


A review of the superglue Deluxe Materials Roket Rapid. A high quality instant glue. High quality, triple-distilled variety for the best adhesion to a wide variety of materials. Perfect for most applications this the medium thickness formula. Supplied in a Fluorocarbon treated bottle for anti-clog action and extended life – the Fluorocarbon treatment blocks moisture … Read more

Titebond Original

Titebond Original is an Aliphatic Resin wood glue. This sets in 30 to 60 minutes and takes around 24 hours to reach full strength. Type – Aliphatic Resin Interior use only Initial Tack time 30 mins Fast set – shortens clamp time Bonds stronger than wood Excellent heat and solvent-resistance Excellent sandability Unaffected by finishes … Read more

Adhesive Terminology


How could we not have a page that lists and describes all of the terms associated with glue (adhesive) on a website of this name…..so here goes with a list of Adhesive Terminology: Adhesion – The state in which two surfaces are held together by interfacial forces which may consist of valence forces or interlocking … Read more