Model Engine Transistor Ignition

TIM-6 Transistor Ignition

For a while I have been looking around at model engine transistor ignition systems. Wondering what to buy or even just build from a circuit design. The I saw the kit that is available from (this is actually: The ignition systems and parts are actually on their sister site: I bought a … Read more

Brake Mean Effective Pressure

Bouland Motors 1/3rd scale cosworth DFV

Brake Mean Effective Pressure is the average effective cylinder pressure that does useful work calculated from the brake horse power. Abbreviated BMEP, this is a fundamental parameter associated with an engine design. The work accomplished during one engine cycle divided by the engine swept volume. It is essentially the engine torque normalized by the engine … Read more

Engine Tuning to Improve Fuel Consumption

Otto Silent Gas Engine

Engine tuning to improve fuel consumption is important in all applications of the internal combustion engine. This may require adjustment, modification or fundamental design changes of the internal combustion engine to yield better fuel economy. In a normal internal combustion engine 23% of the energy that comes in as fuel appears as useable output. In … Read more

Horizontal K-Type Engine Configuration

k-type engine rapid prototype

Horizontal K-Type engine configuration proposed and analysed by Rushiraj Kadge. This engine boasts the following benefits: Better balanced (percentage difference between unbalance forces as compared to existing configurations is more than 45%). This means more power can be extracted from Horizontal K configuration. The proposed configuration has least frictional losses. CG height of proposed configuration … Read more