Lathe Tool Clamping

lathe tool post

The are a number of things to consider when clamping the lathe tool into the toolpost, lathe tool clamping: clean surfaces correct height clamping base overhang One of the first things to do when changing a lathe tool or fitting a new tool is to clean all surfaces. You will be applying a lot of … Read more

Soba 3-Jaw Lathe Chuck

Soba 3 jaw lathe chuck

After living with the runout on my Warco WM240B 3-Jaw for some time I decided to replace the chuck with a 125mm Soba 3-Jaw Lathe Chuck. The replacement of the chuck was a fairly easy process. However, you need some patience and time to get the backplate right. After searching the internet I ordered the … Read more

Lathe Tools

lathe tool height and angles

The lathe tools are held in a toolpost on the lathe cross-slide and which are then fed into the rotating workpiece to machine it to size. Lathe tools are made from high speed steel (HSS), Tungsten Carbide or other very hard materials such as diamond. Angles and Clearances The cutting and clearance angles of a … Read more

Glanze Profiling Tool

I bought this Glanze Profiling Tool to use on the Warco WM240b lathe. The tool comes with a torx key, but no space insert. Although being round you can rotate the insert and so re-use more of the cutting edge before giving up on the bit. A close up of the insert shows the fine … Read more

Glanze TCT Tools

tungsten carbide lathe bit

Having bought a Warco WM240b lathe I needed some larger tools as everything up until now had been based around my HobbyMat and Unimat 3 that are both very happy with 6mm tooling. At 6mm I have a set of the cheap general purpose indexable TCT tools. They are ok, but the screw is weak … Read more