Upgrading the Mini Mill with Taper Roller Bearings

An article about Upgrading the Mini Mill with Taper Roller Bearings, giving part numbers and the impact of changing to taper bearings. I bought an Amadeal XJ12-300 milling machine, sometimes called a Mini Mill, this is actually a Real Bull milling machine. I bought this as it was cheap, but since buying it I’ve spent a … Read more

1 2 3 Blocks

Technically these are 10-20-40 and 20-40-80 Blocks and Arc Euro Trade calls them Stevenson’s Blocks, others call them 1 2 3 Blocks. Whatever the name these are really useful to support items on the milling table. Review Great for jacking up workpieces, aligning workpieces on a milling table or using as a measuring aid. Toughened … Read more

Sieg SX2.3

The Sieg SX2.3 milling machine is a machine for the model maker or hobbyist. I often have a browse around to look at the latest milling machines and to see if there is anything new. This means looking at Warco, Axminster Tools and ArcEuro – the latter two selling Sieg Industries made machines. On the … Read more

Precision Tool Vice

I have a heavy duty 3″ wide Soba machine vice, great for general use. However, I often want a small precise vice to hold some of the smaller parts that I make. After much searching I ended up on arceurotrade.co.uk – a very easy company to deal with who deliver promptly. The dimensions are: Jaw … Read more