Whippet Trolley Wheels

whippet trolley wheels

Most stationary engines are on a trolley, hence I though I should make a set of Whippet trolley wheels. As it happened we visited Wimpole Hall and there in the farmyard were some vehicles that might give some inspiration. The design that feels more in keeping with a trolley wheel is the one on the … Read more

CNC Holding Tabs

kant twist clamp sheet

What are CNC holding tabs? Coming from a world of manual machining this is all new to me. However, when you start machining parts from sheet materials you will inevitably end up creating islands. With rotating tool bits these islands don’t just float away. At first I created these tabs manually by dividing the perimeter … Read more

Squaring Stock

squaring stock material

This article on squaring stock is from Alan at Woody’s Workshop. The process is primarily designed to square a piece of stock ready for the cnc. However, it could be used for general machining as well. Assume the stock can be represented by the following shape with each side numbered as shown. The numbering is … Read more


For my gas engine from a steam engine (Transitional Engine) I needed a frame made from I-beams. As you cannot buy these I decided to make them from rectangualr section mild steel. The overall section of the I is 1/2″ wide and 3/4″ deep. The first stage was to slot drill each side of the … Read more