Model Engine Kits and Plans

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How often do you browse the internet looking for model engine kits and plans, sadly too many hours. There are a number of model engine kits and plans available and I thought I would try and list some interesting sources. I’ve listed them by engine type. Feel free to email me ideas to add … Read more

Conrod – Single Valve Poppet Engine

cast iron piston and aluminium conrod

My initial thoughts for the conrod for this single valve poppet engine were to make it from mild steel as I could make it thin to make it light, but an aluminium conrod would have a bigger cross-section for a given weight. The conrod, abbreviation of “connecting rod”, connects the piston to the crankshaft. This … Read more

Piston – Single Valve Poppet Engine

engine crankcase, crank and cylinder

This is the initial process of machining the piston for my single cylinder poppet valve engine. This piston is being machined out of cast iron, I can hear the screams of how heavy this will be and the resultant vibration when the engine is running. However, a cast iron piston and liner is one of … Read more

Transitional Engine Cams

horizontal engine timing gears

I’m struggling with the cam design on this transitional engine. My original thought was around machining this camshaft block that bolts down to the I-beam and two cams hang over the side of the engine to drive both inlet and exhaust. Now I’m having a re-think that this should really use eccentric cams like a … Read more