Miniature Oscillating Engine

miniature oscillating engine

This is a tiny oscillating engine that was made by Roy Taylor around 1995-1998 Up close like this it doesn′t look quite so beautiful. However, in the images below you can see it against a common match and you then get the scale – quite remarkable. Compressed air/steam goes in through the pipe and exhausts … Read more

Burrell Valve Chest

Burrell valve chest

I’ve roughed the Burrell valve chest out of brass. The valve pushrod bearings were made as one part, silvered soldered into the valve chest. The centre part was then removed on the milling machine. This part is quite small as the Burrell is just 1/20th scale. The main valve chest is 22 x 20 x … Read more

Oscillating Engines

double acting oscillating engine

I thought it would be good to talk about oscillating engines. In particular the oscillating engine I made some time ago. A double acting oscillator with a geared flywheel. The valve on the oscillating engine is very simple. So simple that at first it is difficult to understand how enough steam enters the cylinder. However, … Read more

Properties of Water

washing the paper from the brass before etching

Water is such a key element of life and everything we do that I thought I should pull together a page on the properties of water. Spurred on by making a steam boiler I thought I should pull some references together for this wonderful working fluid. In the model engineering workshop we drink it, either as … Read more