Underside of a Warco Top-Slide

Warco WM240B topslide

I’ve removed the top-slide before, however, have you seen the underside of a Warco top-slide? Perhaps more interesting is the top of the cross-slide? Not sure if this is unique to the Warco WM240B. The top slide is bolted down with a collar and two M8 bolts. This allows the top-slide to be rotated for … Read more

Warco WM240b Carriage

I’ve had a Warco WM240b for a number of years, but in the last few days the main carriage has been developing noticeable play. The obvious sign was that I would make a cut and the tool would make another cut as I backed off. My first port of call was to look at an … Read more

Switch Failure on Warco WM240B

There was no bang or sparks or smoke, I switched the Warco WM240B lathe off and it just would not restart, a complete switch failure on Warco WM240B. I did all of the usual things of checking that there was power at the main plug and that the fuse was intact and all was fine. … Read more

Warco Lathe Stop

I’ve been using my Warco WM240B lathe for a number of years and although I’m not a great admirer or saddle stops I thought it was about time I made one.   The starting point is a piece of square cast iron. I marked a line with a square and a pencil, as you can … Read more

DIN 875 Flat Square

A review of a DIN 875 Flat Square, an engineers square. Must admit that I saw this small flat square and immediately had to buy one. The number of times I have been working on something and wanted a square that would lie flat on the workpiece so that I could mark out. Or a … Read more

Warco Lathe Face Plate

I have had this Warco WM240B lathe quite a lot of time and this was the first time I needed to use the face plate. I have to say that the faceplate that was sent with the lathe is massive. It was great that you get the lathe supplied with 3-jaw, 4-jaw and a faceplate. The … Read more

Changing the Chuck on a Warco Lathe

warco 240b lathe

This shows the chuck being changed on a Warco WM240B, but the process is similar for most of the Warco lathes. First of all make sure that the lathe is unplugged. I then use the chuck key to hold the chuck and with a spanner loosen the nuts at the back. In this image I … Read more

Warco WM240B

Warco WM240B lathe

A review of the Warco WM240B lathe, made in China and supplied in the UK by Warco. It has taken me months of looking and comparing lathes to get to the point where I ordered this lathe. I looked at the Quantum lathes and on paper they look great, but when I went and spoke … Read more

Warco 8″ Heavy Duty Bench Grinder

My review of this heavy duty bench grinder made by Warco. If you have a workshop then there are 2 power tools that will form the basis: a bandsaw and a bench grinder. Review This really is a heavy duty solid bench grinder that is more than capable of anything a model engineer can throw … Read more