double threaded T-nuts

T-nuts are as the title says, a nut with a “T” cross-section. This means they can be used in a T-slot for retaining and fixing parts. The T-nut fits in a T-slot and so has to be made to certain dimensions. Below I have labelled the dimensions of a T-nut and in the table I … Read more

Watchmakers Finger Plate

The Watchmakers Finger Plate, I’ve seen a few of these on different websites, Instagram, Pinterest and I thought I would make one as they look useful for clamping workpieces. I started with a piece of 1/4″ thick mild steel, 3″ wide and roughly 2.75″ long – an offcut from something. You can see that I’ve … Read more

V Blocks

V blocks

Using a V-block to clamp the piston of my rotary engine to drill the gudgeon pin hole. As there were 5 pistons (5 Cylinder Rotary Engine) to drill exactly the same I set up the V-block and clamped it to the milling table. The V-block clamp is quite large and would have hit the chuck so … Read more