This is a fantastic view of this vice mounted shear called a Hilshear.

The gearing is nice and high which you can see if you compare the pivot point to gear meshing point.

The cutting edges can be removed for replacement or re-grinding.


  • 3″ long cut
  • Mechanical advantage through gearing
  • Vice mounted

The handle is very short, but can easily be extended with a piece of steel tube.

From above you can see how the moving anvil is cast in an elegant shape with a very solid pivot point.

The main casting is very solid and has an adjustable pivot at the back for the vice mounting.

The jaws are fastened at the pivot point with a nut and a locking nut.

The shears are very easy to use by standing at the side you can look down at the cutting line and operate the handle at the same time – to the right hand side of this image.

Price: £30 from an antique/vintage market.


I have only tried this so far with some 1.5mm thick aluminium and the results were clean and straight. The small handle to operate the shears is ok, but need to add an extension tube to increase leverage and ease of use.

Highly recommended if you can find one – luckily I did….

stainless steel feet for greenhouse

Greenhouse Feet – I cut these stainless steel feet out using the Hilshear and then simply bent them to shape.

The stainless steel is quite thin gauge, but the geared action of the hilshear makes for an easy cutting action.

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