Underside of a Warco Top-Slide

I’ve removed the top-slide before, however, have you seen the underside of a Warco top-slide? Perhaps more interesting is the top of the cross-slide? Not sure if this is unique to the Warco WM240B.

top slide and cross slide

The top slide is bolted down with a collar and two M8 bolts. This allows the top-slide to be rotated for taper turning. What we see are two mounting positions.

Warco WM240B cross-slide

The central pivot holes are 10mm diameter. The outer bolt hole pairs are 86mm centre to centre. The two rows of fixings are 15mm apart.

This gives you the ability to move the top-slide out 15mm when you are turning large diameters in the lathe. Must admit that I rarely turn anything larger than 5″ in diameter, but this lathe is capable of turning 240mm in diameter.

The Underside of a Warco Top-Slide and fixing also made me wonder if I could use it to turn a radius. I will have a better look at this and see what is possible.

warco 240b lathe

Warco WM240B

I’ve had this lathe now for around 10 years and I have to say it is fabulous. The belt drive and simple motor is reliable, ok I had a switch failure. It is precise and solid.

I have machined so much with this lathe I have lost count.

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