Kant Twist Clamp Project

The Kant Twist clamp project is my first proper challenge with CNC. A very small version of this clamp. All because I’m using a Genmitsu 3018-pro engraver that in my own way has been upgraded to a 3020-pro max. This is a small desktop CNC. However, I’m a model maker and small clamps are normal for me.

The first challenge with the Kant twist clamp are the side plates. As a matter of fact this is the only CNC part, but a crucial part as these would take me a while to cut out any other way.

carbide create kant clamp overlay

Carbide Create came into it’s own here. You can set a background image and then just draw over the top. These lines aren’t freehand, but they are lines created from a number of points.

Carbide Create is completely free and it regularly gets updated. A great product for beginners and pro’s.

Genmitsu 3018-pro machining 2mm aluminium
2mm slot drill 0.1mm cut depth and ~4000rpm
CNC machining aluminium sheet using sand bags

Using sand bags to damp down the vibration of the aluminium sheet. The setup for the mill was as follows:

  • 2mm 3 flute aluminium slot drill (Milling Cutter Stores)
  • ~4000rpm
  • 0.1mm cut depth per pass
  • 120mm/min feed
  • 200mm/min plunge rate

With these settings it did take some time to machine these parts. Will will make some more and I will refine the settings a bit to see if I can get the total machining time closer to 1 hour. Even this feels like a long time. However, this machine is still not that stiff even after lots of modifications.

On the plus side the Kant Twist Clamp project now has some legs.

plates for Kant Twist Clamp Project

Next stage is to make the blocks etc and then to rivet it all together.

Lantern and perspex bulb

Lantern for Lamppost Engine

A Kant-Twist clamp would have been an excellent tool to have when I was assembling the lantern for the lamp post engine. The benefit of this type of clamp is there is no twisting motion.

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