Sieg SX2.7 DRO Installation

The Sieg SX2.7 DRO installation has not been straight forward, but all of the work in the end is very worthwhile. Therefore, I thought I should share my experiences warts and all.

The kit I’m fitting is supplied by Machine DRO and is the 3 Axis M-DRO Mill Digital Readout Package including 350mm, 450mm and 750mm Cut to Length Magnetic Encoders.


  • Complete M-DRO 3 axis Digital Readout package suitable for most milling machines up to a standard Bridgeport Mill size
  • The package includes the M-DRO magnetic encoders, which offer a very compact profile size making them suitable for all sizes of machines including small bench top mills
  • The 350mm,450mm and 750mm reading length encoders can easily be cut to any length to suit installation
  • Standard universal bracket kit is included with angle and flat plate brackets, slotted for easy adjustment
  • The encoders work on a non-contact system with a full IP67 sealed encapsulated reading head. Highly resistant to cutting oil and contamination
  • The M-DRO MDC700-3M three axis display offers a high performance console with dedicated milling functions.
  • Functions include; mm/inch, PCD, line of holes, 200 SDM zero memory, arc contouring and incline milling
  • The console features a die cast metal housing with a durable and wipe clean front panel graphic overlay with PCB mount switches
  • Please feel free to contact our technical staff for assistance as we will be able to help you choose the best set up for your machine
  • Encoder lengths: 350mm, 450mm and 750mm (can be cut to length)

Assessing the Parts and Fitment

Fitting the Z-axis and Display

The Z-axis appeared to be the easiest to install. Hence I thought best to start with this.

As you can see, this is a comprehensive kit of parts. The Sieg SX2.7 DRO installation is going rather well. I’m really glad I didn’t go for the cheap options available on ebay/alibaba as I think I would have spent a lot longer installing them. Plus I had the risk of them not being completely compatible.

I have to fit the X and Y axis to this machine, these might be a tad more complicated.

Fitting the X and Y axis

The covers were a bit of a pain and I had two goes at this along with some help from friends on Instagram.


I bought this universal DRO kit from MachineDRO, but there are other places where you can purchase a kit of parts for your milling machine or lathe:

  • Vevor UK – lots of 2, 3 and multi-channel DRO kits and parts available.

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