Tiamu Z-axis for Genmitsu 3018

Just bought a Tiamu Z-axis for Genmitsu 3018, my original plan was to machine this complete assembly from scratch. Then reason kicked in and I thought that as I could buy this for around £100 it was not worth me spending probably 3 days designing and making parts. Plus it was delivered really fast.

However, there are still some parts to make, modify and work out how to assemble.

As I buy machines for my hobby of model making I end up buying at the low cost end. But I then spend lots of time modifying them. There is something interesting about making them more than they were. With some machine tools this can be a simple change. The Sieg SX2.7 was significantly improved with a stiffening bracket. However, this Genmitsu 3018-pro from Sainsmart is nearing a complete rebuild. Maybe I should have just waited for the Genmitsu 3020-pro max to have arrived? That still has issues though.

Tiamu z-axis for 3018-pro

The plan is to bolt this to the aluminium plate that is itself bolted to MGN12 linear rail blocks.

So the flimsy 10mm x-axis round rails have gone and these new rails are bolted to the stiff aluminium box sections. A far more sensible use of the materials that are used in the making of this CNC.

I’m still not expecting this to be perfect as it is a very lightweight machine. However, the flex in the z-axis and the x-axis were just completely unacceptable.

Interestingly the modifications I’m making will make this look like a Genmitsu 3020-pro max.

upgrading the Genmitsu 3018-pro
Tiamu Z-axis for Genmitsu 3018

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