Kant Twist Clamp

The first Kant Twist Clamp, maybe a few more are needed to give me a set. With the arms being machined on the Genmitsu 3018-pro then these are not too bad to make. This initial set of parts that you are seeing as a completed clamp were my first proper cnc parts. Based on these I have tidied up the shape and added tabs to the parts so they remain in place during machining.

kant twist clamp and cnc parts

The result is I have halved the machining time, ok, it is still just over 1 hour for 1 set of parts. However, you have to remember that this is a £200 cnc machine.

Genmitsu 3019-Max

OK, I have to concede that this is not a standard Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018-pro. This has had a lot of modifications, including: new spindle design and new z-axis amongst other items.

In the end this machine is quite close to a Genmitsu 3020-pro max. Although I have to say that I think this spindle I have designed is better than just adding a more powerful motor, spindles need to be accurately aligned.

The first clamp has mild steel jaws made from 3/8″ hex bar. The pivots are from mild steel and the screw is 2BA threaded brass. The holes in the aluminium are slightly countersunk each side. I machined the brass down to just under 3mm and this then rotates in a 3mm hole in the mild steel pivot.

Once assemble it is best to clamp the aluminium plates together before riveting. Otherwise the other joints start to move and lock.

I splayed the countersunk mild steel pivots using blunt angled centre punches. This works very well at locating the parts.

Next Time

However, it is all a bit tight. The riveted joints need to be longer and need to be peened over rather than splayed outwards maybe.

The end of the screw is riveted over, but must admit that is ends up being too tight. Next time I will add a washer each side of this. However, that means this pivot needs to be slightly wider than the current 5mm.

However, that is all part of the process of getting to a design that I can make when I need to. For now I have a working clamp.

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