Model Making & Engineering

I spend hours making many different types of models and I find this is a great way of relaxing. It means I also spend time researching the fundamental design and operation of both the model and the tools used in making it. This blog is all about sharing that work. It’s also a constructive element where I end up with something that is rewarding for years to come.

plans now available

Plans for single piston solenoid motor are now available. A simple design that makes a great starter project for someone with a new lathe.

Or the 5 cylinder rotary engine that has taken 100’s of hours to construct.

All of these models have their rewards in the process of making and as objects to look at.

My gallery page lists a large number of my models.




There’s always a lot of information and tables that are needed around the workshop and that are helpful in the field of general engineering and so I’ve started to list those under the heading Knowledge, a great place to start is with the Engineering page itself.

  • brass etching

    Brass Etching

    There are a few different ways to do brass etching, but having learnt how to do this with a really simple method I just had to share it. The real drive for this is to [more…]

  • bus stop enamel sign fixed to wall

    Fixings for Enamel Signs

    Fixings for Enamel Signs that don’t have any holes through which you can fix them. This can be tricky as it is best to keep the sign original. So here is an idea for a [more…]

  • greenhouse polythene cracking

    Brittle Greenhouse Polythene

    When I built my dome greenhouse earlier this year I took my time reading about coverings, so how did I end up with brittle greenhouse polythene? The greenhouse covering looked rather good when it was [more…]

  • belt length trigonometry

    Belt Length Calculation

    I’m sure that if I look around I can find a belt length calculation tool, but that would spoil the fun of me making the calculation and then checking it is correct. Two circles of [more…]

  • spindle and motor arrangement

    Engraver Spindle Sketch to Parts

    Working from an Engraver Spindle Sketch to Parts can be daunting. However, I very rarely work with more than a few sketches and key critical dimensions. This is all about improving the spindle of the [more…]

  • Bouland Motors 1/3rd scale cosworth DFV

    1/3rd Scale Cosworth DFV

    A 1/3rd Scale Cosworth DFV model engine by Bouland Motors It was December 2015 and Marcel Bouland, scale model engine enthusiast and collector decided to develop a fully working 1:3 scale Cosworth DFV engine. Many [more…]

  • linear brass bearings fitted to Genmitsu z-axis

    Linear Bearings

    I think this post should actually be titled “cheap linear bearings” as I don’t think all are equal. However, the bearings found in low end CNC machines are effectively parts from the inkjet printer industry. [more…]

  • marking workpiece and jaw in 3 jaw chuck

    Reducing Runout of a 3 Jaw

    There are a few ways of Reducing Runout of a 3 jaw chuck. One way is to fit a better quality 3 jaw chuck that fundamentally has less runout. This was what I did when [more…]

  • sketch for a cnc spindle

    CNC Spindle Idea

    I have a CNC spindle idea, a simple modification to the direct drive 500 series motor. To be precise this is a spindle for the Sainsmart Genmitsu Pro-3018. The spindle will then be belt driven [more…]

  • genmitsu cnc in case

    Sainsmart Genmitsu Z-axis

    I bought this small CNC machine to engrave the smokebox door on my miniature traction engine, but the Sainsmart Genmitsu Z-axis accuracy is poor. Poor in a number of ways, but primarily down to the [more…]


The workshop / man-cave is the den in which we can master a number of engineering techniques. This is my space for woodworking, metal working and sometimes just a place to sit and contemplate a design.

Calling Model Makers

If you would like to share your model making and this could be the latest design, the processes you have used or the tools you love then drop me a line