Model Making & Engineering

I spend hours making many different types of models and I find this is a great way of relaxing. It means I also spend time researching the fundamental design and operation of both the model and the tools used in making it. This blog is all about sharing that work. It’s also a constructive element where I end up with something that is rewarding for years to come.

plans now available

Plans for single piston solenoid motor are now available. A simple design that makes a great starter project for someone with a new lathe.

Or the 5 cylinder rotary engine that has taken 100’s of hours to construct.

All of these models have their rewards in the process of making and as objects to look at.

My gallery page lists a large number of my models.




There’s always a lot of information and tables that are needed around the workshop and that are helpful in the field of general engineering and so I’ve started to list those under the heading Knowledge, a great place to start is with the Engineering page itself.

  • Genmitsu 3018-pro Case

    Genmitsu 3018-Pro Case

    I needed a Genmitsu 3018-Pro case, something that would allow me to store it safely in my workshop and easily move it to the bench when it’s in use. This is my first adventure into [more…]

  • model making blog

    Model Making Blog is a model making blog that has been online since 1998. 22 years of writing articles, assembling data and sharing information with people from across the world. We started with simple hand coded html [more…]

  • engraver, end mill and slot drill

    CNC Cutting Bits

    I’ve been using milling machines for my hobby of model making for over 40 years, but CNC is new to me and CNC cutting bits are new. The primary first task for the CNC engraver [more…]

  • GRBL Software

    Genmitsu 3018 CNC Software

    Learning here as I go along, but thought it would be worth sharing some tips from the Genmitsu 3018 CNC software experience so far. I bought a Sain Smart Genmitsu 3018-Pro router just over a [more…]

  • sain smart table clamp

    Sain Smart T-nuts

    Just a quick share as the T-nuts and clamps that come with the Sain Smart 3018-Pro are ok and functional, but only just. First though, notice that I’ve turned the height adjusting bolt upside-down. My [more…]

  • new snug old snug on magnetic base

    Old Snug New Snug

    Old snug new snug, I bought a snug and I made a snug. A beautiful find at a car boot. I actually bought two of them for a couple of pounds, then they just sat [more…]

  • Sain Smart CNC Router 3018-Pro

    First Venture into CNC

    For my first venture into CNC I thought I would buy a Sain Smart Genmitsu Router 3018-Pro. This is the low end of CNC engravers and at the time mid-2020 was around £200. The reason [more…]

  • boring the backplate

    Machinability Index

    The machinability index is relative ease of machining a metal. American Iron and Steel Institute rated AISI 1212 steel which is equivalent to EN1A in the UK as 100%. This sets a baseline from which [more…]

  • double threaded T-nuts


    T-nuts are as the title says, a nut with a “T” cross-section. This means they can be used in a T-slot for retaining and fixing parts. The T-nut fits in a T-slot and so has [more…]

  • Trustee from the Toolroom

    Trustee from the Toolroom

    “Trustee from the Toolroom” by Nevil Shute was first published in 1960. Keith Stewart is an ordinary man. However, one day he is called upon to undertake an extraordinary task. When his sister’s boat is [more…]


The workshop / man-cave is the den in which we can master a number of engineering techniques. This is my space for woodworking, metal working and sometimes just a place to sit and contemplate a design.

Calling Model Makers

If you would like to share your model making and this could be the latest design, the processes you have used or the tools you love then drop me a line