Bob and Ron Lane Models

Bob & Ron Lane

December 30, 2020 Nigel 0

Background Bob & Ron Lane were Cockneys from the East End of London. They remember going through most of the Blitz sitting under the kitchen table. Bombed out twice but survived. Richard Lane, a distant [more…]

hand graver

Graver Handle

December 29, 2020 Nigel 0

A graver handle is just a turned wooden handle with a brass ferule around the neck to stop it splitting. The high speed steel graver is then just tapped into a pre-drilled hole in the [more…]

open crank farm engine

Model Stationary Engines

December 19, 2020 Nigel 0

I just had to have a page listing the model stationary engines from around the web. So I thought I would list the kits, castings, plans etc. Some of these are scale models, some are [more…]

burrell traction engine

Traction Engine Manufacturers

December 9, 2020 Nigel 0

The traction engine lasted from around 1850 to 1950 in the UK, during this timeframe there were a number of traction engine manufacturers. Over the years a number of these have drawn the attention of [more…]

Smokebox door hinge alignment

Elongated Hinge and Jig

December 3, 2020 Nigel 2

In order to make the hinge for the smokebox door I first created an elongated hinge and jig. Not perfect, but gave me a good alignment of each side. This alignment of each side of [more…]