myfordboy lamppost engine

MyfordBoy Lamppost Engine

January 15, 2021 Nigel 0

A collection of videos on the MyfordBoy Lamppost Engine build. Since creating the original lamppost engine and then the pdf plans for this engine I have started to get feedback on engines that are being [more…]

Bob and Ron Lane Models

Bob & Ron Lane

December 30, 2020 Nigel 0

Background Bob & Ron Lane were Cockneys from the East End of London. They remember going through most of the Blitz sitting under the kitchen table. Bombed out twice but survived. Richard Lane, a distant [more…]

open crank farm engine

Model Stationary Engines

December 19, 2020 Nigel 0

I just had to have a page listing the model stationary engines from around the web. So I thought I would list the kits, castings, plans etc. Some of these are scale models, some are [more…]

Smokebox door hinge alignment

Elongated Hinge and Jig

December 3, 2020 Nigel 2

In order to make the hinge for the smokebox door I first created an elongated hinge and jig. Not perfect, but gave me a good alignment of each side. This alignment of each side of [more…]

Bouland Motors 1/3rd scale cosworth DFV

1/3rd Scale Cosworth DFV

November 12, 2020 Nigel 0

A 1/3rd Scale Cosworth DFV model engine by Bouland Motors It was December 2015 and Marcel Bouland, scale model engine enthusiast and collector decided to develop a fully working 1:3 scale Cosworth DFV engine. Many [more…]

Lantern frame offered up to engine

Lantern for Lamppost Engine

June 15, 2020 Nigel 4

Making a lantern for the lamppost engine. The lamppost engine has sat on display for years and gets run on compressed air every now and again. It was always designed to have a lantern on [more…]

annealing copper

Copper Boiler End Plate

November 23, 2019 Nigel 0

Making a copper boiler end plate with a mild steel pattern and firstly hammering the outer edge over. I made a mild steel pattern for the copper end plates to be formed over. The final [more…]

Bellcrank bracket

Transitional Engine Eccentric Bracket

November 16, 2019 Nigel 0

The transitional engine eccentric bracket supports the pivot for a bellcrank midway along the pushrod. This is the part in question, machined from mild steel with phosphor bronze inserts. As you can see, there were [more…]