hand graver

Graver Handle

December 29, 2020 Nigel 0

A graver handle is just a turned wooden handle with a brass ferule around the neck to stop it splitting. The high speed steel graver is then just tapped into a pre-drilled hole in the [more…]

new snug old snug on magnetic base

Updating a DTI Base

July 22, 2020 Nigel 2

In updating a DTI base, I bought a snug and I made a snug. A beautiful find at a car boot. I actually bought two snugs for a couple of pounds, then they just sat [more…]

countersinking tool

Countersink Extension

June 16, 2019 Nigel 0

The poppet valve crankcase has been bugging me and I wanted to fix the brackets from inside the crankcase with countersunk caphead bolts. There just wasn’t room or the right angle to get a bit [more…]

Small Planishing Hammer

October 1, 2018 Nigel 2

I saw a small homemade hammer on one of the engineering forums and it just made me wonder about making my own, especially as I have a collection of hammers arranged on the wall of [more…]

Warco Lathe Stop

July 1, 2018 Nigel 1

I’ve been using my Warco WM240B lathe for a number of years and although I’m not a great admirer or saddle stops I thought it was about time I made one.   The starting point [more…]

scriber and bit

Scriber from Scrap

May 28, 2018 Nigel 0

The “Scriber from Scrap” is a simple project made from leftovers that is great for those new and old to engineering. Some time ago I bought a solid carbide 3mm diameter end mill to remove [more…]

Low Profile Clamp

April 2, 2018 Nigel 2

This low profile clamp idea came about as I wanted to machine a large plate that was too large for the milling vice. I thought that two pieces of bar stock, clamped to the table [more…]

Watchmakers Finger Plate

March 22, 2018 Nigel 0

The Watchmakers Finger Plate, I’ve seen a few of these on different websites, Instagram, Pinterest and I thought I would make one as they look useful for clamping workpieces. I started with a piece of [more…]

Knurling Tool

March 11, 2018 Nigel 1

The finished knurling tool and a piece of aluminium that has been knurled using each end of the tool. This all started 20 years ago with a pair of diamond knurling wheels that had been [more…]