small 1/16 inch solid rivet

Solid Rivets

January 4, 2021 Nigel 0

I’m fairly new to using rivets and the 1/16th inch solid rivets are taking me some time to master. Therefore, I thought it would be important to share some of my learning. My use for [more…]

brass etching

Brass Etching

November 27, 2020 Nigel 0

There are a few different ways to do brass etching, but having learnt how to do this with a really simple method I just had to share it. The real drive for this is to [more…]

belt length trigonometry

Belt Length Calculation

November 16, 2020 Nigel 0

I’m sure that if I look around I can find a belt length calculation tool, but that would spoil the fun of me making the calculation and then checking it is correct. Two circles of [more…]

boiler endplates and tubes

Boiler End Plates

August 14, 2020 Nigel 0

Should boiler end plates on a copper boiler be concave or convex? Is there a reason they go one way or the other? One reason for the convex endplates is that I intend to rivet [more…]

boiler endplates and tubes

Brass Fittings and Boilers

June 10, 2020 Nigel 0

I’ve been reading so much about copper boiler making and materials that I thought I would pull a page together on the subject of Brass Fittings and Boilers. The research was based around the miniature traction [more…]

stuart turner 10V

Compressed Air System Efficiency

May 7, 2020 Nigel 0

When I run engines on compressed air I often wonder about the efficiency. A large electric motor driving a piston compressor that is in turn supplying a small engine that is sometimes barely able to [more…]

1960s Ford Differential

Vehicle Differential

April 25, 2020 Nigel 0

Geared device between the driven wheels to allow varying rotational speeds of the wheels around corners. We see differentials in everything from the Chinese cart that has an arrow that always points south, in steam [more…]

lithium ion battery schematic

Battery Pack Design

April 25, 2020 Nigel 0

A battery pack design could be for a single or group of cells arranged in series and parallel, depending on application this may include: thermal control, electrical switching and management system. In it’s simplest for [more…]



April 11, 2020 Nigel 0

The aerofoil is a cross-section shape of a wing taken at right angles to the wing span. Also known as the wing section or rib section. An aerofoil is shaped so that air flows faster [more…]

microclene fan

Fan Design

April 8, 2020 Nigel 0

One of the most important considerations in fan design is that the fan must impart a uniform velocity over it′s entire area. There are several simple relationships between fan capacity, pressure, speed, and power, which [more…]