tin of cotter pins

Cotter Pins

February 27, 2020 Nigel 0

Cotter pins or split pins are half round wire pins that are formed such that they can be pushed through a hole and the legs then bent to stop them sliding out. This means they [more…]

Surface Treatment of Mild Steel

April 26, 2019 Nigel 0

We all use a lot of mild steel in model engineering and so I thought I would list and discuss the surface treatment options: galvanizing electroplating powder coating nitriding flame spraying electrocoating painting Black Surface [more…]

Durafix Easy Weld

March 23, 2019 Nigel 0

If you want to weld aluminium then you really need a TIG welder… Some jobs are not suitable for TIG welding and a soldering or brazing would be more useful where you can flood a [more…]

Phosphor Bronze

September 3, 2018 Nigel 0

Phosphor bronze is an alloy of copper with 3.5 to 10% of tin and a significant phosphorus content of up to 1%. PB1 is a continuously cast product used for machined components washers and bushes. [more…]

Vital Bond

August 27, 2018 Nigel 0

Vital Bond is a thick super glue designed to be use with porous materials such as woods and for gap filling. I tried this on some metal parts where I wanted to ensure the glue [more…]

EN8 steel round rods

EN8 Steel

August 26, 2018 Nigel 0

I needed to make some long double ended bolts for a friend who’s restoring a motorbike. After some searching we decided on EN8 Steel: EN8 Engineering Steel is an unalloyed carbon steel with reasonable tensile [more…]

silver steel rod

Steel and it's Application

August 11, 2018 Nigel 0

A page around the subject of steel and it’s application allows me to bring information together and help to build on a knowledge base. Steel is an iron-based alloy containing carbon, and other alloying elements [more…]

Plasti Dip for Tool Handles

June 10, 2018 Nigel 0

I often buy old tools and quite often the covering on the handles is missing, hence this product “Plasti Dip for Tool Handles” was of interest. I bought this pair of pliers at the boot [more…]

Truloc Superfit 268

March 17, 2018 Nigel 0

“Truloc Superfit 268 is a single component high viscosity anaerobic adhesive designed for high strength fast curing thread locking and retention of cylindrical parts. It has been designed for applications requiring maximum static strength high [more…]

high speed steels

High Speed Steel

January 14, 2018 Nigel 0

High Speed Steel, abbreviated HSS and commonly just listed or described as HSS. A hard steel, about 6 times harder than carbon steel, used for metal cutting tools as it remains hard even at dull red [more…]