A page to list individuals work and collect together gallery contributions from different people. If you would like a page about you and your models then do drop me a line and we will see what we can put together – visit the About page to see how to contact us.

Tubal Cain – a name I’ve known for the model engineering bible that I keep in the workshop, real name Tom Walshaw designed a number of model engines published in Model Engineer.

Bentley BR2

Les Chenery

Beautiful 1/5th and 1/6th scale working model aero engines.

Mick Cherry

We have a number of model engines from Mick featured on our pages.

Cherry Hill – one of the finest model engineers and I think I need to pull together a page about her and the phenomenal models.

J.E. Howell – a designer of a number of model engines.

Bob and Ron Lane Models

Ron and Bob Lane

These two brothers designed a series of model engines based on a particular cylinder, piston and head. They didn’t stop there, they designed model aircraft, windmills and constructed a range of radio control models.

LBSC – Curly Lawrence was perhaps the finest model steam locomotive designer.

Jan Ridders Modelbouw – own designs, based on general working principles and ideas, mainly acquired surfing Internet websites in this field. In fact, the underlying physics fascinates me more than the mechanics as such. A good notion of the working principles can lead to creative and unique solutions, according to my explicit parole: “simplicity is the characteristic of the real truth”. 

Stuart Models

Over 100 years since these models were first made available as sets of castings.

Nigel Taylor

I’ve been making models since around 1977 when I made a radio controlled Perkasa motor torpedo boat. Since then the models have been varied from miniature houses, engines and even a robot.

Edgar T Westbury

One of the most famous model engine designers from the 20th Century. A description of his designs along with images of engines made to those plans where available. Why not join in and send us images and details of your own Westbury model engine.

The gallery pages are a mix of links to pages on and to pages off-site. If you think there is a model engineer who should be listed here then please do drop me a line