A Greenhouse Frame

a greenhouse frame

In the last post I assembled the geodesic dome, this was to become the roof, now it’s time to build a greenhouse frame. The buildwithhubs kit is proving to be a real delight, for a few months it sat under my coffee table with me pondering.

gravel boards

That pondering turned into a real project with the coronavirus lockdown. There was also the need to get into the garden at the weekend and relax.

For the uprights I was going back to my trusty gravel boards that I had cut up originally for the main spars in the geodesic dome.

record bandsaw

Record BS250 Bandsaw

I wanted to cutdown these gravel boards into the long strips needed to create the uprights. This meant I needed the bandsaw outside. The Record Power BS250 is just light enough to be lifted and moved from the workshop to a bench outside.

The thing is my workshop is not that big. Definitely not big enough to push a 1.8m long board through a bandsaw.

upright parts for a greenhouse frame


Actually the uprights are 1.57m long, just right for the overall height.

I stripped down the boards to make 9 uprights in total. Each upright being made from a 50mm wide section with a 25mm T-piece.

The two uprights that go either side of the door were slightly different. These were L-section with the stiffening bar moved to one edge.

Once these were all together I gave them a coat of Dulux garden wood paint / protector.

Upright Fixings

I had some stainless steel from an old cooker hood that had been laying around for ages. This was cut up using my Hilshear.

These folded stainless steel feet just push over the post ends. They run either side of the T-section.


I did say the workshop is not that large. Storing the uprights and dome in their overnight makes the workshop unusable for anything else.

However, a larger workshop means more heating needed in winter and less of a cosy feel. I keep telling myself this as I cannot get my head around the dismantling and rebuilding process.

post fixings for a greenhouse frame

Uprights Fixed

The uprights were screwed down to the slabs using a zinc coated screw into the rawlplug.

Then small holes were drilled through the stainless steel and domed self-tappers were used each side to fix them.

These are not massive fixings, but there are 9 of these uprights in total including the 2 door frames.


Cross Bracing

Nine uprights and a dome on top, as seen by the shadow in the image. This was rather unstable though at this point in the build.

My solution was to cross brace the uprights with some temporary thin beams. These triangulate the structure.

Adding the permanent triangulation was going to take some thought as the angles and joints were complex.

a greenhouse frame
The greenhouse frame is in place and secure.

The basic frame of the greenhouse is now in place. The top of the door is going to be a very odd shape.

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