A Pair of Rear Wheels

a pair of rear wheels
a pair of finished wheels
rear wheel rim blanks being machined

A pair of rear wheels for my 1/20th scale traction engine.

This all started with me machining the mild steel rim blanks from 4 inch diameter round 1 inch thick disc.

The machining required in this first stage was quite significant as I was removing a lot of material.

close up of treads being machined

The treads took some time to machine and to get right. The 7 degree angle was difficult to replicate on the other wheel, took me two goes to achieve.

The resultant pair of treaded rims did in the end feel like an achievement.

final pair of rear wheel rims
The pair of treaded rims
traction engine rear hub

The hubs were rather fun to make as they gave me a challenge. How do you align index machining between the two faces of the hub?

This mental challenge with manual machining is what I enjoy most about this hobby.

32 spokes
A handful of 32 spokes.
part built rear wheel rim

Assembling the wheels was very satisfying as the wheel takes shape and strength.

The spokes were fixed to the rim with 8BA bolts that were then riveted over. I made a simple rivet punch using silver steel and then hardening.

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