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marble run
my marble run

The marble run is working rather well, but now I’ve been using it for some time I’ve realised there are some issues. The trouble is I keep forgetting the issues and so I thought I would take some images and mark them up with ideas.

marblerun correction for entry point

The hole on the top of the frame is off-centre to the first metal pin and so tends to throw the ball to the left. If you hold the ball against the right hand side you get it to go to the right.

Also, the ball has a tendency to fly towards the glass.

One solution is to machine the aluminium pin down and taper it at the outside edge to throw the marble towards the backboard.

My other thought was to machine a groove in the outer edge of each peg and then run a wire around all of then rather like a spiders web, could look great or just a mess,

rocking mechanism on the marble run

The rocking mechanism is quite severe.

The marbles / balls tend to bounce and rattle around.

A bridging part between the rocker and the aluminium pegs would help to direct the marbles into the pegs.

Looking back the rocker is quite severe in terms of the shape and the fact that it rocks onto a hard stop each way.

marble run wooden board error

The edges of these boards are rather low and so the marbles can easily be thrown over the edge.

In this particular case the marble can fall from the board above and land the wrong side of the hardwood baffle causing the ball to then be thrown too far towards the front and likely to bounce off into space.

The sound the marbles make when they hit these wooden boards is lovely and I would like to make something that runs with more boards and maybe with an acoustic horn to amplify the sound it makes.

slight groove needed to align the ball and push it towards the backboard

This is one of the more minor errors with the marble run.

The aluminium runner is quite narrow and it doesn’t take much for a marble to hit the edge of the aluminium again bouncing it into space.

There will be more minor tweaks needed, but hopefully we’re all learning along the way and improving marble runs all over the world…..

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