Hornplates Plus for the Burrell

hornplates bolted to firebox

I called this Hornplates Plus for the Burrell as the hornplates have been extended to include the body of the engine behind the rear wheels. This might be strange, but at this 1/20th scale it just feels practical. Practical in that I can make and align the parts more easily. So, please forgive this transgression to scale modelling.

burrell hornplates marked out in blue

They are made from 1.59mm (1/16 inch) thick brass. I selected brass as I’m going to be soft soldering the water tank into the bottom section. Also, I’m thinking of adding a bead around the top edge.

The blue colour comes from a blue permanent marker, much cleaner to use than engineers blue and works just as well.

The two plates were initially fixed together with double-sided tape.

hornplates and firebox

The plates were drilled, cutout and filed as a pair fixed together. Once this was complete, I split them apart and cutout and filed the doorway slot. Hence you can now see why all of the marking out was done on the left-hand hornplate.

The image shows them spaced apart by the firebox.

hornplates and firebox

I clamped the hornplates to the firebox and then made a number of measurements and adjustments.

The alignment was all done on a granite surface plate. Then the four holes were drilled each side of the firebox and tapped M3.

The final image you can see the engine parts assembled in current state of design and build.

Hopefully now it is obvious why I made the Hornplates Plus for the Burrell.

hornplates bolted to firebox

soldering with a hot air gun

Using an electric hot air paint stripper to heat and soft solder the brass tub together.

I soldered the parts together as I was just getting too much movement. Must admit that I’m not that used to working with sheet metal like this. At this scale and required accuracy I’m finding it hard.

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