Les Chenery

Bentley BR2
Every detail is perfect

Whilst walking around the Shuttleworth Collection I came across a display cabinet with a number of engines built by Les Chenery. The I thought I just have to add a post and share the images of these wonderful working model engines. Details of how you can still get drawings for these models are available on the model engineering website.

Anzani 3 Cylinder Radial

Anzani 3 Cylinder Radial
Anzani 3 Cylinder

Bentley BR2 Rotary (1/6th Scale)

Bentley BR2
Rotary Engine at 1/6th Scale

Gnome 9 Cylinder Rotary (1/5th Scale)

Gnome 9 Cylinder Rotary

Gnome 14 Cylinder Rotary (1/5th Scale)

Gnome 14 Cylinder Rotary
gnome 14 cylinder rotary
Gnome 14 Cylinder Rotary

Le Rhone 9 Cylinder Rotary (1/5th Scale)

le Rhone 9 cylinder Rotary
1/5 scale Le Rhone Rotary
le Rhone 9 cylinder Rotary
Detail in the rockers and inlet copper pipes
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