Miniature Traction Engine Plan & Kit

miniature traction engine plan and parts

I’ve gradually been drawing up the plans and making parts and so I thought I would pull it all together for a photograph and get a status of the Miniature Traction Engine Plan & Kit.

niature traction engine plan and parts

The assembled parts including steam fittings that I’ve bought for this project. The globe valve just looks rather large and so might need to have another look, in the past I’ve bought these from Steam Fittings in the UK and so will have to drop them a line and check out the dimensions. Also, the safety valve would be better if it was a lower profile button type.

The smokebox has the bottom section of the chimney riveted into place along with a machined door. I’m thinking about the hinges and these might have to be next on my list of parts to complete.

I’m very proud of the rear wheel rims, maybe that’s because I’ve spent quite a few weekends machining, re-making and generally working on them, They now really look the part and have the right feel.

niature traction engine plan and parts

The boiler main copper tube has been machined to size, end plates formed and drilled for the flues. The flues are made from automotive copper brake tubing.

So, I have a set of parts coming together along with a set of drawings. Some of the drawings are getting updated and amended as I go, there are always a few tweaks needed as you progress through the build and assembly. Well, there are in my model making world where I rely on a few hand calculations and making the parts to trial how it all works without the benefit of CAE.

A metric miniature traction engine plan & kit is quite unusual I think. Would the drawings be of interest to anybody? Should I post them as a pdf?

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  1. Dear Nigel,
    I would be very interested in seeing your plans. Making a live steam model of this scale has always been a dream of mine.
    Kind Regards

    • Hello Ross,
      I’m thinking about creating a set of outline plans and then later a set of detailed drawings. I will probably make them available on here in a similar format to those for the lamppost engine.
      Best regards, Nigel

  2. Nigel, great job on reorganising the site… Much easier to navigate articles about individual projects now.

  3. Hi, Nigel,
    Very impressed with your work so far on the miniature traction engine.
    I would be interested in seeing the PDF versions of your plans if you decide to make them publically available!

    • Hello Andrew, thanks for the comments, I’m generating plans as I go and thinking about how to publish the plans, will let you know. Best regards, Nigel

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