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What do I mean by Model Engineering SEO? SEO is search engine optimization, model engineering is a hobby that feels very vibrant, but the view is it is dying out.

Let’s start with the perhaps easier part, SEO. This is all about optimizing your website so it is seen by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc. When I mean seen, I mean ranked highly for a search. As an example we can look at the keyword “miniature traction engine”.

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Looking on google the search volume is shown as 2.74 million, that appears to be a lot of searches. However, if I look at “model making” the search volume is 12.4 billion.

So, how do I get ranked as an important resource for model making?

WordPress & YOAST has been online since 1998, over 22 years. It all started as an HTML set of pages with a large number written from an Excel workbook and script. The workbook had lists of model shops, clubs, museums and makers and so these were listed in various different ways. The result was a lot of html pages that were updated regularly. Around 1999 I added google ads and this then started making some money, enough to pay for the server and a bit more.

Then around 3 years ago I swapped to wordpress and compressed the website down to something more relevant to my own interests. This made it easier to maintain, but the number of visitors dropped significantly and with it the revenue from ads.

So, around the end of 2019 I looked up SEO and started to look at what I was missing, I added the plugin Yoast and started to optimise pages. All of a sudden my page hits increased.

  • Good quality content that is relevant to your readers
    • Write pages that people will want to read
    • Include high quality images that illustrate the content
    • Concentrate on the content and less on the rankings – your time is better used creating content than it is checking where the old content ranks.
  • Unique and accurate page titles
    • Make them readable
  • Use the the description meta tag – YOAST will help you with these
    • Summarize the page content – this is your elevator speech that will appear in the search result
  • Headings
    • Break your pages into readable sections with headings that are relevant
    • Don’t just plaster the page with them, just clearly give subtitles to the sections
  • Navigation
    • Think about the overall structure of your website
    • is broken into a number of sections and I try to write pages that are the springboard for key sections eg engineering

I think the most important thing is to write about something that you’re passionate about, for me that is model making.

Social Media instagram

So I have an instagram site and regularly post pages whilst I’m in the workshop making stuff.

This is also linked to my website.

I find that Pinterest brings in the largest amount of traffic to my website, but it takes a lot of input and regular updating / pinning. This is ok, but make great models and write interesting articles about them as this will be better for you and your followers.

Model Making

However, whatever way I look at it, model making is a niche hobby and will never attract the number of searches associated with say fishing or cars. Model engineering especially feels like it is in a steady decline, if you go to the model engineering exhibitions the average age is high, guessing around 65….is this a sensible website or just a hobby that is decline? Should I write about something more popular – eg how to make a blog – boring!! Actually I love model engineering, model engines and everything around making things…..

Long Tail Keywords

These are the things people look for when searching for something using your keywords. If I had a website about “model engines” then I should probably also include keywords such as: “model engines for sale”, “model engines to build”, “model engines that run” etc.

So, how do I find long tail keywords?

Start typing your keyword or words into the google search eg model making and what comes up are the other extensions to these words that people commonly search for and hence important.

Sharing ideas, discussing techniques and afternoons in the workshop, but what about SEO – well, honestly this is actually about creating and sharing the best high quality content. If I can do this whilst keeping Model making as a hobby that calms the soul then I think I will have succeeded.

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I've been making models since I was around 7 years old and using a lathe from the age of 11, a self taught engineer with a passion for making model engines.

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