MyfordBoy Lamppost Engine

myfordboy lamppost engine

A collection of videos on the MyfordBoy Lamppost Engine build. Since creating the original lamppost engine and then the pdf plans for this engine I have started to get feedback on engines that are being built. The first of the builds is by MyfordBoy. I think famous for the superb traction engine, but also a youtube metal casting star.

One of the first significant changes you will see is the casting for the base of the lamppost. The youtube video takes you through the casting process.

The globe valve attached to the lamppost is inspired. My design with it trailing across the pavement would be a serious trip hazard! I will add more to this page with links to the engine as they become available.

3D printed plastic parts used to form copper sheet into the roof for the lantern. An imaginative way of creating tool formers. Especially interesting when you only need to use them once. How could you use this approach?

The electric motor generator has been swapped for a small stepper motor. This is able to generate at a lower speed. Cannot wait to see the engine operating and how well this works. I might have to make an update to my own engine by adding a stepper motor.

This is it for the MyfordBoy Lamppost Engine, will we see more very soon. This build has been progressing very fast.

Very fast as here is the completed engine:

If you too would like to share a post on your own build of this engine please drop me a line,

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