Watercolour Paintbox

half pans and brush

This started as an idea around the question: how many colours do you need for a Watercolour Paintbox? For this I would need half pans and where better to go than Winsor & Newton. So I did some research and came to the conclusion that 6 colours could work, so I bought 6 half pans and started playing with arrangements.

six half pans

So, I selected:

  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Green
  4. Blue
  5. Brown
  6. Black

The Black is a bit of a debate and my daughter says I should have selected white, but for now the challenge was to make something and then see if it is usable.

half pans and brush

For the brush I again bought the Winsor and Newton brush where the lid is removed and forms the handle.

The brass at this point represents an idea for a can of water and maybe the lid of the can could be used as a palette.

This design also means I can machine a lot of it in the lathe. The idea for the design is from Beatrice, the final owner of the set that was to be made.

I filmed a lot of the stages of making this, from the first stages around the design through to the final polishing and assembly of the paintbox.

The final paintbox fits in the hand beautifully and can be carried around with you.

watercolour paintbox
The completed watercolour paintbox
paintbox set plan

Since making this I decided to make plans that I could then offer as a download. The price is very low, around the cost of a single half pan at £2.50

The result is a luxury item that will be treasured and last for years to come. The plans are a rich set of hand drawn technical plans, notes and photographs of the parts.

Plans for watercolour paintbox.

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