Brackets – Single Valve Poppet Engine

crankcase and brackets

I had a major catastrophe with the original brackets when I tried to solder them using Durafix. The problem was just how was I going to recover from this situation. I’ve spent too much time on this poppet valve engine just to throw it all away. So, new brackets, a cleaned up crankcase and another do and fixing this all together.

The brackets are longer than the crankcase, the intention is to machine these back to size once they have been fixed in place

The brackets just roughly held in place. The damage is clearly visible.

The holes were quite easy to machine, but I did need to make a special extension to the centre drill to make the countersink holes on the inside of the crankcase.

3mm tap needs a small lightweight tapwrench.

Bolted, soldered and then machined.

The brackets are still rather chunky, but I’m pleased this is coming together again.

I have to say that these brackets look rather good even with the engine just roughly held together.

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