Ferris Gold Carving Wax

Ferris Gold Carving Wax

My cheap CNC machine is very limited in terms of the materials it can work with, hence I thought I might try some Ferris gold carving wax. Hopefully this will allow me to accurately machine the wax and then make a lost wax casting in brass.

Sain Smart CNC Router 3018-Pro

I bought a Sain Smart cnc machine as I thought I could machine the name in the smokebox door.

However, as you will see from the review although it is accurate it is not that stiff and so difficult to machine metals.

Reading different blogs online it is possible to make machinable wax by melting a certain type of plastic bag in the wax. This might be cheaper, but Ferris have made waxes for different types of application for over 40 years. Therefore I thought they were worth a try. I managed to buy 2 blocks of the Gold wax online for around £12 including postage from HS Walsh.

The Ferris Gold carving wax properties:

  • Melting point = 117°C (243°F)
  • Flash point = 307°C (585°F)
  • Shore hardness = 59
  • Specific gravity = 0.92

I now need to try some different machine setups and tools to see what works best. Should I use a very high speed and high feed rate or should I drop the speed down along with the feed rate.

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