Truloc Superfit 268

“Truloc Superfit 268 is a single component high viscosity anaerobic adhesive designed for high strength fast curing thread locking and retention of cylindrical parts. It has been designed for applications requiring maximum static strength high dynamic/fatigue resistance and extra large gap filling properties.”

Temperature range: -50°C – +150°C

Cure time: 1 to 3 hours for functional strength and full cure in 2 to 4 hours.

The suggestion from the data sheet is that this retainer is even happy in oil at 85°C for some

In simple terms this is a high strength engineering retainer designed for bonding threads or cylindrical components. In this particular case this is designed for gap filling.

The small blob to the right of the bottle is a blob of the glue, quite viscous.

I bought this to help me lock a drive shaft to the inner race of a ball bearing (Oscillating Engine) – mainly used to cover up my sloppy machining which resulted in a poor fit and some play. I applied the retainer to the shaft and slid it in place, nervous that most had been wiped off I applied some around the other side of the bearing and after a few minutes wiped away the excess.

I left the part to cure for around 1 hour (reasonable warm 20°C workshop). The result was fantastic, the bearing inner was completely locked to the shaft with absolutely no play.

Price: approx £4.40 for 10ml from


Good gap filling properties and must admit that it set much quicker than the data sheet, but it was a warm day. Overall a good price for a good product.

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