Bedford Bandsaw Blades

Bedford bandsaw blade

The Record Power BS250 had lost its edge and so I went and bought some Bedford bandsaw blades. The BS250 bandsaw is available with a number of different makers marks on it. However, this is a good functional bandsaw for the hobbyist. I think a bandsaw is one of the most important tools in the … Read more

Dormer Centre Drill

Dormer Centre Drill

Just bought a few Dormer centre drill bits as my box of centre drills are getting very tired. By tired I mean worn. Not having an accurate sharpening method means for small centre drills (~1/8th inch or 3mm) I tend to throw them away and get new ones. I know that is wasteful and I need … Read more

Burrell Crosshead Guide

Burrell Crosshead Guide

The Burrell crosshead guide or maybe the trunk guide. Must admit that I need to study the history of steam engines and the naming of parts. Anyway, back to this miniature traction engine design and make. The crosshead guide supports the joint on the two-part conrod design. It is the sliding mechanism for the conrod … Read more

Plane Angle

Plane Angles

The plane angle between two radii of a circle which cut off on the circumference an arc equal in length to the radius. The secondary SI unit for the plane angle is the radian. The inclination of one line to another. One complete revolution equals 360° (degrees) or 2π radians. 1 degree (°) = π/180 … Read more

Enameling onto Steel

enamel sign

Enameling onto steel appears to be a sensible idea based on the fact that antique enamel signs were on steel. How hard can it be? The first task was to make a mask. I did this using the Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018-pro. This was designed using Carbide 3D and machined using a 1.2mm diameter slot drill. … Read more

Burrell Steering Column

Burrell Steering Column

The Burrell steering column feels like a big step as it adds another level of detail to this tiny miniature traction engine. First of all though a quick look at all of the parts. The steering wheel itself was machined from solid brass. Just 22mm in diameter with a 8BA thread in the centre. The … Read more

Frequency, Wavelength and Speed


Understanding frequency, wavelength and speed is fundamental to everything around us. From noise and vibration, chatter on a lathe tool to the light we experience from objects. Waves move energy from one place to another without any accompanying matter. Sound waves, ocean waves and electromagnetic waves are some of the examples; other, more complicated types … Read more