Tender Bulkhead

tender bulkhead

I need to make the tender bulkhead for the Burrell traction engine. This is the bulkhead that sits at an angle and provides a volume for the coal. I may not use coal in this tiny traction engine model, but it needs this volume. First of all I cut a piece of 0.6mm brass sheet … Read more

Brass Etching

brass etching

There are a few different ways to do brass etching, but having learnt how to do this with a really simple method I just had to share it. The real drive for this is to produce the brass lettering on the smokebox door of the Burrell traction engine. You will need: Laser printer – or … Read more

Brass Standards

Brass Gears

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, but often other elements such as aluminium, iron, manganese, tin and lead are added. There are two basic classes of brass: Alpha alloys – less than 37% zinc – ductile and can be cold worked. alpha/beta or duplex alloys – 37-45% zinc – have limited cold ductility … Read more