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Cast Iron Flywheel

May 2, 2020 Nigel 0

As with a lot of my engine designs they start with the flywheel and in this case a cast iron flywheel that was machined from solid. This flywheel was first installed on my oscillating steam [more…]

cast iron dust

Cast Iron Dust

April 18, 2020 Nigel 0

Sometimes when I machine cast iron the next day I have an upset stomach, this made me wonder whether cast iron dust is a health issue and I should be wearing a mask. Machining Cast [more…]

Machining Cast Iron

March 18, 2017 Nigel 0

Machining cast iron can be quite easy with the right tools, but you do have to be careful with cast iron that might have sand still in the surface and so I thought a page [more…]

Cast Iron

March 18, 2017 Nigel 0

Cast iron is a ferrous alloy; the carbon content is greater than the maximum solubility in austenite at the eutectic temperature. It tends to be brittle, except for malleable cast irons. With its low melting [more…]