Connecting Rod

December 29, 2018 Nigel 0

The part in an internal combustion engine that connects the piston to the crankshaft. It changes reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of the crankshaft or vice versa. A connecting rod consists of [more…]

Transitional Engine Crankcase

December 24, 2018 Nigel 0

This isn’t much of a crankcase, but that is the best description I can give as it links the cylinder and the main engine frame on my Transitional Engine. The starting point was a 2.5″ [more…]

Transitional Engine

December 23, 2017 Nigel 0

A transitional engine (sometimes call a half-breed engine) is a steam engine from the late 1800’s that had been converted to an internal combustion and designed to run on oil or gas. This engine is [more…]

Low Temperature Stirling Engine

December 16, 2017 Nigel 0

An article around me designing and making a Low Temperature Stirling Engine. This is a stirling engine that operates with at a low temperature difference. As you may have read some time ago on the [more…]