Carbide Slitting Saw

carbide-slitting-saw-001I bought this solid carbide slitting saw at the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition in 2014 and have been using it for some time on various materials.

At the weekend I decided to use this blade to saw a mild steel bearing block into 2 parts. I had already drilled 2 vertical holes through the blocks to take the bolts that will fix the blocks together in use.

I pushed the cutting rate too hard and stalled the mill – the result when I backed off was that a tooth had broken off.

I believe the blade had caught on the edge of one of the holes and stopped dead.

I managed to carry on using the saw and complete the job, but annoyed at my gorilla machining and lack of patience. Also, this is not the first time I have had a carbide tool just sheer this way and break.

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