Lathe Chuck Spacers

flywheel in warco lathe machining chamfer

How many times do you use lathe chuck spacers? How do you keep all of the spacers in place whilst aligning the workpiece in the chuck? I had this problem recently with a small flywheel that I was holding in external jaws. I needed to space the chuck away from the plain of the jaws so that I could machine the corner, the flywheel was only 9mm thick.

lathe chuck spacer wax tip

The solution was to use Mini-Hold, a wax designed for holding miniature parts. Typically used in the dolls house world. Wax doesn’t really do any damage and is easily removed afterwards. However, it does have a thickness. The next image shows the remains of the wax on the chuck.

remains of wax on 3 jaw chuck

These blobs look like they have a real thickness to them, that would appear to introduce a new problem. However, I found a solution. If you place a small amount of wax on the spacers, rub them together and then pull apart, you are left with a surface smear of wax. This is still enough to hold the spacers vertically on a metal surface. Also, I tried measuring the thickness of the wax by putting the spacers together and couldn’t. That was with a manual micrometer. I’m sure someone out there will challenge me on this.

applying mini-hold to aluminium spacers

I think this is quite a neat way of holding Lathe Chuck Spacers in place.

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  1. I think you would probably get a similar effect with a blob of grease? Either way, fantastic idea. I never have enough hands when trying to mount fiddly items in the chuck.

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