Incra Protractor

Marking out angles or divisions on a board can be difficult to do accurately. Incra Rules are designed to solve that issue by cutting the fine divisions through the thin steel plate used to make the measurement device. The result is a set of accurately cut slots that are just the correct width for a 0.5mm propelling pencil.

Size 160 x 100 x 0.25 mm. Length of fence 178 mm

Angle divisions are in 1/2° and 1°. Has an adjustable and removable screw-on stop bar for running along edges. The angles read both from left to right and from right to left – in both cases 0° – 180°/180° – 0° and 0° – 90°/90° – 0°.

The pack includes the protractor, a screw on bar that allows you to rapidly align the protractor along an edge and a 0.5mm propelling pencil.

The protractor is made from a very fine 0.25mm thick stainless steel and is a beautiful measuring instrument.

Zoomed in you can clearly see that the protrator has a course grid in the centre, then an outer 1° division and an outer 1/2° division.

In the centre is a pattern that allows alignment with existing straight lines, circles and centres.

Price: 40 euros approx. £28 (August 2015) from:


You may not need this often, but when you do this is invaluable and an accurate way to mark angles down to 1/2°. The protractor is very thin and so you need to be very careful using and storing it.

If you are like me and only use a protractor on a rare occasion then one of the most difficult issues is storage. Incra protractors and rules are so fine and so you must think about where they will lay, what if anything will lay on top of them and if they will get bumped.

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